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Scheelite flotation production line


Scheelite sorting method can re-election, magnetic separation, flotation. Different types and nature of the ore beneficiation methods and processes used are different. But based on scheelite good floatability, more due to the presence in the ore of a similar nature to their gangue minerals calcium, which led to the flotation of complexity.


1 Low energy consumption.

2 Easy to maintenance and can be designed according to the users.

3 Environment friendly.


Process Introduction 

1 Scheelite and calcite, fluorite isolated.

Common concentrated pulp, high-temperature method, the first pulp and concentrated to a concentration of 60-70%, followed by the addition of sodium silicate, the slurry was heated to 80 , stirring for 30-60 minutes, then diluted with water, flotation scheelite at room temperature, bath products are fluorite and calcite.

2 White tungsten and barite separation

Because water glass white tungsten and barite inhibition similar single water glass is difficult to separate, need to use alkyl sulfate as collector at PH = 1.5-3.0 condition repeatedly selected barite, obtained in the tank scheelite.

3 White tungsten sulfide ore separation.

Scheelite flotation previously captured xanthate sulfide minerals, the float scheelite, plus a small amount of oxide, sulfide, sulfide leak not suppress a small amount.

4. White tungsten and quartz silicate separation.

Oleic acid as collector, water glass as inhibitors, can inhibit the quartz and silicate gangue, surfaced scheelite.


Hot had a project in Vietnam. After comprehensive analysis of ore properties, our team designed a specail production line for the client. With the joint efforts of our staff and local workers, the project finished on time. The project had gained excellent economic benefit.

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