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Molybdenum Dressing Production Line


Molybdenum dressing production line is useds to extract molybdenum from raw ores.

Why choose out products

1 Easy-to-use. All devices throught out the whole line are easy to operate.

2 Environment friendly. Running an environmentally friendly business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources.

3 Integration. You can get all devices from us for building a molybdenum dressing production line.

4 Intelligent. You can change devices' parameters to make them work efficiently.

Process Description

The stone will be initially crushed by Jaw Crusher. Then the material with reasonable fineness will be taken to the ball mill by the elevator and feeder machine. In the ball mill the material will be crushed and grinded again. Out of the ball mill the material will go to next step: Classifier. Screw Separator will wash and classify the stone mixture according their different sinking speed because of their different proportion. Then the magnetic machine will further separate the mixture material according to their magnetic ratio. After the first separation by the magnetic separator, the flotation machine will separate the material again by adding special medicine in terms of the features of different stone. When the needed material has been separated, concentration machine is needed to thicken the material. At last, the material will go through the drier.


We had a greate molybdenum dressing plant in Guizhou province. Technical staffs of HOT made a lot of analysis of

the raw ore property, with our staff hard word, a highly productive molybdenum dressing production line was built in a very short time. The line runs well in every repect. We won the high praise by the line's capabilities of cost-effective, high quality and stability. 

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