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Overland Conveyor

Process Introduction

Overland conveyor is widely used in the industries field, include mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electric power, food and etc. It helps those field achieve long distance bulk material conveying.


HOT mining’s design and manufacture of horizontal turning belt conveyor can meet long conveying distance, large capacity, high speed and other technical requirements.

Process Description

Flat belt overland conveyor use curved lines to round obstacles or adverse area, achieve less or without to build intermediate transfer stations, so as to up to the aim of reduction in the number of the equipment, make the power supply and control system more concentrated. Overland tripper conveyors are often supplied as part of HOT mining’s mobile stacking systems, to ensure a seamless, integrated material handling solution from plant to pad. Like all of HOT mining’s conveyor engineering, our overland conveyor design incorporates industry best-practice design of drives, chutes and skirtboards, simple and functional takeup systems, and proper selection and integration of ancillary devices, such as belt scales, metal detectors, cleaning systems and magnets.


One of HOT mining project is located in shuozhou city, shanxi province. It is a raw cola handling project. Specific productivity for 850 t/h, maximum dip angle is -40 degrees,the length is 7200m, HOT mining’s engineers comprehensively consider to choose belt width for 1200mm,tape speed 3m/s, three motors with output power 500Kw.On the whole path, hot mining’s engineers were designed two turnings, the turning radius is 2000m


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