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        Drilling Tool Machine Type and Carbon Steel Material tapered steel rod

Detail information

Dear Sir
let me first introduse myself, we are mining company and wwe are interested in purchsing Rock Drilling Steel Taper Rods for Drill Bit. For the first time we are going to test it in our stone querry. at this stage we will buy Hex.25mm, 0.5m-2.5m, 108mm,159mm with the suitable drill bits.
for twsting we need the size as follows:
- 0.5 m - 1ea
- 1.0 m - 1ea
- 1.5 m - 1 ea
- 2.0 m- 1 ea
- 2.5 m - 1 ea
- 3.0 m - 1 ea
as already mentioned with the drill bits with siutable sizes (25mm). 
For additional information, the type of the stone we are working on is vitro clastic crystal tuff, which contains quartz more than 50%. 
Could you please advise, which type of drill bits will be more convenient/suitable for working on such type of stones; 
Will wait for your response. 
thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 
best regards,

Machine Type: Drilling Tool
Use: rock drill
Material: Carbon Steel

   Client: pavle gruzin

    Trade Assistant: Elvis Dai