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Why Mine Evaluation Is So Important?


Stone which can make money is real mine!

In August, we have been invited to do evaluation for an on-going gold project. This mine has stopped production for two years. The reason I was mostly impressed is that gold mine owner let the construction team made 7 kilometers tunnel without related production. Cost so much but returned a little. As per our geologist, the license of this mine actually contains two gold mines. However, the owner hasn’t paid enough attention to a scientific mining plan. That’s the root of the shut-down problem.

Does every mine apply scientific mining method?

The answer is 100% ‘NO’.

With over 40 years experience in mine industry, we noticed that a lot of owners didn’t have long-term vision on the mining. However, more and more people realized that the reserves didn’t come back again. So how can we treasure the stone and turn it into real wealth?Attach importance to the ‘Mine Evaluation’ stage. 

We can identify the critical flaws, forecast cash flow after put into production, conduct due-diligence reviews and/or technical report for merger / acquisition/ financing.

Scope of Service:

1. ITR/CPR for Disclosure and IPO;

2. Mine technology evaluation for financing;

3. Technology evaluation for Merger and/or acquisition;

4. Risk and technology assessment and valuation due diligence;

5. Technical audit competent person and CPR (resource evaluation report meets the JORC and NI 43-101 standards)

Our professional exploration and mining evaluation system was developed based on experienced exploration and data. We can help with mining investors reducing risk, cutting costs and shortening construction time from resource evaluation of exploration to value prediction modeling after put into production.

Our database comes from over 30 years successful experience in exploration, and incorporates a lot of practical mine development, construction and production operation data. Valuation would be closer to the practical situation, which can reduce risk, cut cost and shorten construction time for invest parties.

We have participated in the due-diligence and acquisition of several world-class mining projects, mineral rights maintenance and exploration technology and related management work; the core team has been in China, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and surveys on coal mine, coalbed methane, petroleum, gold, copper, iron, lead, zinc, and non-metal mines in geology, mining, mineral processing, ports, railways, infrastructure, etc. 

Projects in South Africa, North America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Far East are also well understood. Conducted due diligence and decision-making on exploration and production projects of more than 20 listed or unlisted companies, including BHP, Xstrata, Vale, Anglo American, Peabody, and China Hirose. Especially in Australia, we have analyzed more than a hundred mineral rights, especially in the coal mines and metal mines in Bowen, Surat, Galilee, Queensland, Sydney, South field and Kagouli in Western Australia. 

In addition, the team made independent technical and economic assessments of the technological transformation and expansion of production mines and metal non-metallic mines in Australia and China. Technical work covers exploration, underground and open pit mining design and production, mining project due diligence and assessment. The minerals involved in the work include coal mines, oil and gas (including coalbed methane and shale gas), iron ore, gold, copper, bauxite, tungsten, lead and zinc, as well as kaolin, palygorskite, barite, fluorite, and Non-metallic minerals.

Get in touch with us for more technical support! Our additional service including, but not limited:

Mineral Processing Experiment/

Mineral Processing Design/

3D Engineering Design