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The Mechanization of Steeply Inclined Coal Seams Attracts the Vietnam Institute of Mining Science and Technology to Visit


On November 21, Technical personnel and representatives of Vietnam Institute of Mining Science and Technology arrived in Beijing and communicated with HOT about the Mining Technology of steeply inclined coal seam. 

 Dipping in more than 45 ° seam usually referred to as steep seam. its natural complex structure determine its more for small and medium sized mines, recoverable reserves is not high, at the same time, large Angle of tilt, and increase the production difficulty.Therefore, how to carry out economic and safe mechanized production is a big problem.

The main technical difficulties of mining steeply inclined coal seam by comprehensive mechanization are as follows: first, it is difficult to guarantee the stability of working face equipment.Coal mining face equipment and large quality, coal mining machine, scraper conveyor, hydraulic support and so on in the mining process of automatic movement forward.How to prevent such a large mass of mechanical equipment in the process of walking tilt, tilt, slide is a key problem. Secondly, the difficulty of end support is large.The spatial morphology of the connection between the working face of steeply inclined coal seam and the mining roadway is different from that of the general working face of coal mining.Not only that, in the mining process, the end bracket also needs to push the face of the conveyor head (tail) and transfer machine and other equipment.Even, where possible, support and support should be provided for face supports.Third, flying gangue protection in the working face to protect the safety of personnel and equipment.When the working face inclination is large, coal blocks or gangue generated by gangue leakage from coal wall slabs and roof beams of supports in the mining process may roll down the working face due to their own weight, seriously affecting the safety of personnel and equipment below and causing safety accidents.


                   Actual situation of fully mechanized mining face of steeply inclined coal seam

Actual situation of fully mechanized mining face of steeply inclined coal seam

Actual situation of fully mechanized mining face of steeply inclined coal seam

HOT engineers have rich experience in many mechanical mining projects of steeply inclined coal seams.In the project, the coal seam has amounted to an average of 60 ° , part of that reaches 78 °, which  is rare in domestic and even the world. 

At the invitation of HOT, the Vietnamese side held a meeting and communicated on the mining technology of steeply inclined coal seam, and will visit and inspect several fully mechanized mining projects of steeply inclined coal seam located in sichuan and chongqing. HOT's steeply inclined coal seam mining technology has been recognized and appreciated by the Vietnamese side. The Vietnamese side expressed that it looks forward to further communication and cooperation with HOT in the near future. 

After the meeting, in order to express their gratitude for the invitation, the Vietnamese side gave HOT a delicate gift. HOT also presented them the panda toy as gift.

Science popularization of steeply inclined coal seam

Refers to the underground mining of deeply inclined coal seam coal seam dip Angle is greater than 45 ° seam. The height of steeply inclined coal seam mining area is generally 80~200 m. The strike length of double-wing mining area is generally 400~600 m.


The characteristics of steeply inclined coal seams

1. Steeply inclined coal seams have experienced strong geological changes. The geological structure is complex and the coal seam is unstable;

2. The coal blocks under the coal mining face can slide down automatically, which simplifies the loading work of the working face;

3. The component force acting vertically on the support or pillar of steeply inclined coal seam is smaller than that acting vertically on the support or pillar of gently inclined coal seam, while the component force acting vertically along the inclined coal seam is larger and the support stability is poor, thus increasing the complexity of mining and supporting work;

4. It is difficult to operate various working procedures such as walking, transporting materials, falling coal, supporting and treating goaf on the working face of coal mining, which increases the difficulty of mechanization of coal mining;

5. The support of working face is unstable and needs to be arranged step by step;

6. When mining steeply inclined coal seam group, in addition to roof strata caving and moving, floor strata may also move and slip under certain conditions. If the spacing between coal seams is relatively close, not only the impact of lower coal seam mining on upper coal seam, but also the impact of upper coal seam mining on lower coal seam must be considered.


HOT is a professional mining engineering technology company, can provide well mining and open-pit mining of the whole set of engineering design, supply sets, and open-pit mining operations contracting services. 


Zero harm is our design from the beginning of the implementation of the first important goal!

Service scope

In addition to the mining technology of conventional mines, haote has rich experience in the mining design and supply of complete sets of thin coal seam and steeply inclined coal seam. The main services of our mining technology are as follows:

●Resource evaluation (evaluation report can be issued according to JORC standard), due diligence of mine investment and financing and merger and acquisition (technical part)

● Feasibility study, preliminary design, safety articles, mining schemes and other special projects

● Detailed engineering design of mining schemes

● Open pit mine operation plan and mining plan

● Project management and project delivery


Design scope of well engineering and mine

The design scope of well work and mine includes: the overall planning of mine area, the design of mining scheme, the design of safety special section, the design of gas control and other engineering projects.

Especially in thin coal seam (thin ore body) and steeply inclined mine, HOT can design and implement perfect comprehensive mechanized mining scheme, greatly improve the economic benefits of the mine, and achieve safe underground mining.

HOT can also design and implement a comprehensive mechanized mining program (comprehensive mining technology for thin coal seams) for coal mines with thin coal seams, steep slopes and many faults.
              ● Big obliquity, steep seam fully mechanized technology (35 ° Angle range - 55 °)
              ● Comprehensive mining technology for thin and extremely thin coal seams (0.8m ~ 1.3m at the thinest)
The design scope of open pit mine

The design scope of open pit mine includesThe design of general plans for mining areas, open-pit mining schemes, ground water prevention and drainage, groundwater control, slope stability and other engineering projects;The main contents are as follows:

● Engineering consulting service (From scope of work to feasibility study)

● Mining methods, mining techniques and mining schemes

● Detailed engineering design construction drawing design, roadway design, safety, etc

● Mining plan and mine construction project management

● Ventilation system design and project management

● Tailings backfilling system

● Mining cost modeling and mining cost analysis management system

● Open-pit mine to underground mining design

● All kinds of safety and operation management monitoring system

● Risk management

● Mining technical support


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