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Analysis of Several Common Coal Preparation Processes in Coal Preparation Plant Design

Specific Process Flow

Jigging coal preparation technology has always been a major position in the application of China coal preparation plant. In the long-term development and development process, the technology of jigging coal preparation process is gradually improved and mature. At the same time, because of the high practicability of jigging coal preparation process and system, it can get good application effect without more capital and manpower and material resources. Because of its low cost in the production and application process, it is convenient to carry out maintenance inspection in the follow-up application process. At the same time, it does not have a series of advantages with higher requirements for the professional quality of managers and operators. Therefore, the technology is widely used in coal preparation plants of various sizes in the world. The principle of jigging coal preparation technology has gradually become mature and clear.

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Compared with the dense medium coal preparation process, the technology also has obvious defects. For example, in the process of coal preparation, for some difficult coal, the technology does not have high separation accuracy. Especially for some coal with high clean coal product quality, it does not have high feasibility. At the same time, in the process of coal separation, the application of this technology can not effectively ensure the progress of separation, at the same time, it may be difficult to control the accuracy due to the process requirements, resulting in serious waste of coal resources and other phenomena.

Determination of Actual Process Flow

Do a Good Job in the Market Positioning of Coal Products

Although today, with the demand for resource coal from all walks of life, with the development of all walks of life, the coal market has a broad space for development, but with more people pouring into the coal market, the competition between enterprises in the coal market is further intensified. Coal preparation plant as the source of the entire coal industry enterprises, it must always pay attention to the development of the market, always do a good job in market research. Because users in different industries have different requirements for coal quality, for example, some steam coal users have more stringent requirements for coal particle size, while some users have more stringent requirements for the actual calorific value of coal and ash content of products. Therefore, in the process of determining the process flow of coal preparation plant, it is necessary to do a good job in the investigation of coal product users from different walks of life, and predict the future development of the coal market. The purpose of coal resource industry design is to improve the ex factory rate of products, and to measure whether the selected coal preparation process design has higher feasibility and rationality, it requires the products to have a high qualified rate, so that the products after production can meet the market requirements and have a smooth marketing range, which is the focus of manufacturers.

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Determination of Coal Preparation Method

In the whole design process of skip coal preparation process, one of the most important links is the determination of coal preparation method. There are many factors affecting the coal preparation method, for example, the coal particle size composition, washability and composition may affect the buyer's demand, or the structure of the product, the efficiency of separation, the cost of additional investment in the process of coal separation and the cost of investment and construction of relevant separation equipment and technology are related to economic benefits. Therefore, in the process of determining the differentiation of coal, it is necessary to compare various technologies to find a coal preparation method with higher economy.

If we want to select the most suitable coal preparation method which is most suitable for the market development direction, we must do a good job in the basic work, that is, further analysis of the coal quality of the selected raw coal. Whether the whole coal preparation scheme design has high feasibility and rationality, mainly from whether to accurately grasp the coal quality, do a good job in coal quality analysis, whether to accurately grasp the characteristics of raw coal and other factors. Therefore, these two aspects can directly measure the advantages and disadvantages of coal preparation scheme design. At the same time, due to China's vast territory, different coalfields and mining areas have different coal quality conditions. Even if the coal comes from the same mine, the final coal products will also change due to different coal seams. Therefore, in the process of coal preparation plant design, it is necessary to obtain and analyze the coal quality data, so as to reduce the interference factors as much as possible. The reason for the great difference between the actual production results and behavior design is that there is no high depth in the coal quality data acquisition and analysis process, which leads to the selected coal quality data not having high representativeness and typicality. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of this problem, it is necessary to ensure that the obtained coal quality data have good representativeness, typicality and accuracy. At the same time, if the conditions permit, the design department must carry out a number of tests, such as sliming, sedimentation and floating dust, according to the requirements of the selected coal preparation process, to ensure that the design has high feasibility.

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But now in our country, the dense medium coal preparation technology is gradually becoming mature in the continuous development. However, in view of the different beauty quality and different market requirements, only one coal preparation method is blindly selected, which does not have high economy and feasibility in the coal preparation process. Therefore, although the use of jigging coal preparation process in terms of cost has a higher advantage, but also because the technology tends to be perfect, its technical achievements and production management experience are more valuable.

Design Appropriate Process Flow

In addition, in order to better judge whether the coal preparation process design selected by the coal preparation plant has greater rationality and applicability, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the selected raw coal, and select the coal preparation process design combined with the characteristics according to the characteristics of the selected raw coal. After the determination of coal preparation method, it is necessary to further refine multiple links. At the same time, a variety of factors should be integrated in the refining process, such as gangue discharge of raw coal, slime water treatment and slime classification and separation, because these links are directly related to the management status, production status and economic benefits of the coal preparation plant, and the small energy-saving environment It can directly reflect the designer's experience and process characteristics of coal preparation plant, so we must pay attention to the design of small process links, and can not blindly apply their previous design. At the same time, after the coal preparation plant is officially completed and put into production, we must also reasonably improve and adjust some process links according to the characteristics of different coal mines. In the process design of coal preparation plant, one of the most important and difficult problems is whether the slime water treatment and the involved slurry water system are scientific and reasonable. Because a more reasonable and scientific slime water treatment scheme can not only save a lot of money in the process of infrastructure and facilities construction, but also has a higher clean coal yield in the future use process.

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In the process of coal preparation plant design, we must constantly introduce more advanced and easy to operate process flow, at the same time, we must also apply modern control system to it, so as to ensure that the coal preparation plant has high production efficiency and high efficiency. In the design process, an excellent production design staff must select appropriate and in-depth analysis of the coal quality data, at the same time, carry out accurate positioning of coal products, and have a detailed understanding of the performance of the control system and mechanical equipment, so the multiple links of coal preparation plant design and power system are organically combined, so that the coal preparation process can not only meet the market requirements, but also can obtain higher economic benefits for the enterprise while adapting to the change of coal quality. In this way, the coal preparation process is the most suitable process for the rapid and sustainable development of coal preparation plant.

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