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Zambia Clients Visited Chengdu Office of HOT for Inspection and Communication of Mining & Mineral Processing

      Chinese investor of Zambia Project visited Chengdu Design Center of HOT on June 14th. They have made a preliminary inspection on the execution experience of international mining project, the integration design of mining & mineral processing and the later management capability of HOT. We did discussion about this project in the aspects of mining and mineral processing according to special infrastructure supply, cultural and geographical environment and ore grade of Africa.

      HOT is committed to reducing the cost of equipment maintenance and the cost increase due to design defect. We will let our mineral processing engineers to Zambia for further investigation and feasibility analysis before the initial construction design. We can’t avoid the risk, but we can minimize it. 

      The clients visited OEM plant of HOT in Sichuan on June 15th. They recognized our capability of mineral design and equipment manufacturing. The both sides are hoping to cooperate as soon as possible on this project.

Zambia_Clients_Visited_Chengdu_Office_of_HOT_for_Inspection _and_Communication_of_Mining & Mineral_Processing-Beijing_HOT Mining_Tech_Co.,Ltd_1

Zambia_Clients_Visited_Chengdu_Office_of_HOT_for_Inspection _and_Communication_of_Mining & Mineral_Processing-Beijing_HOT Mining_Tech_Co.,Ltd_3

Zambia_Clients_Visited_Chengdu_Office_of_HOT_for_Inspection _and_Communication_of_Mining & Mineral_Processing-Beijing_HOT Mining_Tech_Co.,Ltd_2