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What could HOT Mining do in non-ferrous metal beneficiation process field?

-----German Client site-inspection for Tungsten/Fluorite processing project

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From 31st July-4th August , one group of HOT Mining’s client from Germany came to Jiangxi, to have technical seminar with HOT Mining about the Tungsten/ Fluorite processing project located in Pöhla-Globenstein district, Saxony state, Germany. Representatives of owner are: Chairman of the Board, Mining Engineer, Project Manager and Mineral Processing Engineer.

This mineral processing project involves 3 deposits, one of them is Scheelite and Fluorite associated mine, the other is mainly about tin ore, and another includes both of the two conditions. According to the mining plan, the aim of the first stage is Scheelite and Fluorite, the composition of the mineral is clay - carbonate bond type. According to the mineral processing lab report, the suggested process is gravity separation, combined with flotation, and the annual capacity is about 360000ton per year.

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According to the practical situation of this project, HOT Mining arranged 2 similar Tungsten processing projects for German client. At 31st July, we took client to Dayu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, accompanied by Mr. Yang, the president of Rirong Tungsten Company, we visited the Qingshi Tungsten processing plant. The total area of the Qingshi Tungsten Mine is about 2.1206km2, with abundant mine types such as Tungsten, Tin, Molybdenum, Copper, Zinc and etc. After more than 70 years exploitation, there’re about 10Mt barren rock on the surface due to the unadvanced mineral process technology. By comprehensive sampling and lab test of the surficial barren rock, the average grade of Tungsten and Tin is about 2‰, and the copper, Molybdenum and Zinc has reached the grade of processing, so we could start the comprehensive recycling about the low grade and polymetallic minerals. To change the mine environment, reduce the pollution and waste of resource and improve the recycling efficiency, in May 2013, Mr. Yang planned and built a mineral processing plant, with capacity of 2000ton/day, the main process is gravity separation+ flotation. Mr. Yang and Mr. Fan took German client to see all the steps of the process, and introduced all related equipment to them. German clients thought highly of Mr. Yang’s on-site production and management experience and professional knowledge of nonferrous metals mineral processing.

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2nd August, HOT Mining kept company of German client to Ninghua County, Saming City, Fujian Province, to investigate the largest scale Tungsten process plant in China – Xingluokeng Tungsten process plant. Because it was during the period of regular maintenance, we couldn’t see the plant in production status, but the technical engineers still took German friends visiting the whole plant and all related equipment, from crushing and grinding, screening, grading, thickening, dewatering to the final production. After all the procedure, we were wet by the sweat, but German friends are very satisfied, and they expressed their willingness to build their own processing plant in the same quality and scale.

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3rd August, German clients and HOT Mining members went back to Nanchang, to visit HOT Mining’s main mineral processing equipment such as crusher and screen. When they see the crushers are as good as Sandvik and Mesto, they were surprised and got new understanding of “Made in China”. After factory visiting, HOT Mining had technical seminar with German clients, showed HOT Mining’s capability in mineral processing eagreement ngineering and equipment supply, project turnkey and etc, and finally reached a consensus with German clients about cooperation mode and how to start the following works.

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