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Mechanized Mining of 78 Degree 

Inclined Thin Coal Seam Attracts Visitors from Pakistan


On the morning of December 4, 2018, coal mining experts Usman Mati, M. Naeem, Fahad Rauf and Abdul Basic from Link Lines Company of Pakistan visited HOT International Business Department to do technical exchange on six developed projects for steeply inclined thin seam coal in an area of Eastern Balochistan Province of Pakistan, focusing on Mechanized Mining of steeply inclined thin coal seam. A two-day technical exchange and visiting activity for mechanized mining technology officially kicked off. 

The development of coal mining technology in Pakistani is relatively lagging. The main coal-falling technologies are hand picks and blasting, the excavation technique consists of blasting, manual coal-picking and gangue-discharging. The backward level of mining technology and equipment leads to low mine output, low level of domestic coal development and utilization, and there are more than 50% external dependence on coal consumption in Pakistan. 80% of the coal mines in Pakistan are small shallow mines with an annual output of about 15 tons per capita. According to Abdul Zaheer, deputy director of mineral resources potential and investment opportunities in Baluchistan Province, in his theme report "Coal Resources of Pakistan" in 2016, the data shows that Pakistan's electricity generated from coal is only 0.2%. The highest proportion of coal-fired power generation in the world's major countries is 93%. China is 79%, India is 68%, and the United States is 45%. China is 41%, Australia is 78%, and the average coal power generation is 42%. This shows that the utilization rate of coal in Pakistan is very low. Therefore, the Pakistan government decided to provide funds to encourage coal enterprises to upgrade mechanized mining technology, improving the efficiency of coal mining and utilization, thus eliminate backward production capacity, and increase the concentration of the industry.


On the one hand, experts from Pakistan hope to acquire professional suggestions for project development with the help of HOT professional technical service ability and project experience. On the other hand, they hope to introduce professional mechanized mining technology through HOT to improve coal mining efficiency.


On December 4, the Pakistani experts introduced the project in detail in the office of the International Business Department, and provided relevant information about the project. According to the data, the engineers of HOT technical team have made a preliminary analysis and Study on the regional mineralized conditions and prospects of the project area, then put forward preliminary suggestions.


The next day, Pakistan's 4 experts in the HOT's chief representative in Pakistan, mining engineer Luke Jiao led to HOT partner - Sichuan Coal Group Lvshuidong coal mine, conducting mechanized mining technical exchange. At 9:30 in the morning, accompanied by the leader of the mine and HOT engineers, Pakistani experts first visited the 3212 (| |) steeply inclined working face of the mine and learned about the width, inclination angle, mining height, advancing length, mining technology, comprehensive mechanized coal mining and safety supervision of the working face.


Faced with the problems and difficulties of steeply inclined thin coal seam, Lvshuidong Coal Mine has independently developed a variety of patent technologies to deal with them, including gangue retaining in front of frame, gangue between frames, special end support, etc. It has realized efficient comprehensive mechanized mining in steeply inclined seam with minimum inclination 34 degrees and maximum inclination 78 degrees and average inclination 45 degrees.

After getting out of the well, the host and guest had on-site exchanges in the third floor conference room of the mine dispatch. After listening to the introduction of the steep inclined fully mechanized mining technology of the mine, the Pakistani experts expressed their high recognition of the technical ability of steep inclined seam mining, and hoped to establish a follow-up cooperative relationship, and sincerely invited the HOT engineer team to go to the mine. On-site investigation and guidance of coal mining in Pakistan.


HOT is a professional mining engineering company that provides complete engineering and package supply for wells and open pit mines, as well as mining operations contracting services for open pit mines. 


Zero damage is the first important goal we have implemented since the beginning of design!


Service area

In addition to the mining technology of conventional mines, Hot has extensive experience in the mining design and supply of thin coal seams and steep coal seams. The main services of our mining technology are as follows:

● Resource evaluation (can be issued according to JORC standards), due diligence on mining investment and financing (technical part)

● Feasibility study, preliminary design, safety special, mining plan, etc.

●Detailed engineering design of mining plan

● Open pit operation plan and mining plan

● Project management and project delivery


The  scope of the underground mining design

The design scope of the underground mining includes: the overall planning of the mining area, the design of the mining plan, the safety special section, the gas control and other engineering projects.

Especially in thin coal seams (thin ore bodies) and steeply inclined mines, Hot is able to design and implement a comprehensive integrated mechanized mining program, which greatly improves the economic benefits of the mine and achieves safe underground mining.

For coal mines with thin coal seams, steep slopes and large faults, Hot can also design and implement a comprehensive mechanized mining program (thin coal seam fully mechanized mining technology).
● Fully inclined mining technology with large dip angle and steep inclined seam (inclination range 35
● Thin seam and ultra-thin coal seam fully mechanized mining technology (the thinnest 0.8m ~ 1.3m)

Design range of open pit mine

The design scope of the open pit mine includes: the overall planning of the mining area, open pit mining plan, ground drainage, groundwater control, slope stability and other engineering projects. The main contents are as follows:

● Engineering consulting services (from scope of work to feasibility studies)

● Mining method, mining process, mining plan

● Detailed engineering design (construction drawing design, roadway design, safety specials, etc.)

● Mining plan and mine construction project management

● Ventilation system design and project management

● Tailings backfilling system

● Mining cost modeling and mining cost analysis management system

● Open pit mine to underground mining design

● Various safety and operation management monitoring systems

● Risk Management

●Mining technical support