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HOT Mining’s Low Coal Seam Mining Technology is Recognized Around the World

---Iran Client Coal Mine Site Inspection


25th June – 2nd July, accompanied by HOT Mining International Business Department Staffs and mining engineers, clients from Iran came to Southwest China to visit the low coal seam mechanized mining condition, to learn how to achieve best developing and production with lowest investment and highest efficiency. The visitors are: Mr. Hadi (Managing Director), Mr. Mohammed (Advisor of board), Mr. Hassan (Mine Manager) and Mr. Hamed (Administrator of Mining Department).


As a big stated-owned company in Iran, our client is devoted great efforts to prompting the progress of coal mining, of which the low coal seam mining is the most series and difficult problem. With great coal reserve amount, China has advancing coal mining technology, especially the coal mines with coal seam less than 2.5m. In southwest China, there’re many low coal seam coal mines with complicated geological condition and steep-inclined angle. During many years’ low coal seam mining practice, HOT Mining has successfully finished many engineering and complete equipment supply projects for low coal seam mechanized mining and longwall mining. Our client wishes to get better and thorough understanding of HOT Mining’s low coal seam longwall mining technology through site inspection and learning, then bring in HOT Mining’s advancing technology and equipment, to achieve highest production and best profit.