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The pioneering work of HOT customized mining equipment: another path, integrated mechanized system to achieve continuous mining of hard rock ore bodies!


Traditional Lasting Mining Method

With the development of technology, mining technology is also more and more increasingly improved, and is developing towards automation and mechanization. Nowadays, how to realize commercial continuous mining of hard rock ore bodies is still a frontier technical problem in mining industry. In August 2018, the HOT team followed the pace of cutting-edge technology and successfully applied the short-wall working face system to a continuous mining operation in a copper mine in Mexico.

The continuous mining system of hard rock ore bodies in this project attempts to replace the traditional drilling-blasting method. In traditional hard rock mining, room mining is adopted, and pillars are used to support the roof. Because the ore body is hard, explosive blasting is needed to realize the breaking and falling of the ore body, and scraper is needed to carry the broken ore. Such an interval mining method has the disadvantages of high labor intensity, low efficiency, poor safety and bad working environment. So the engineers of HOT came up with a new way and designed a continuous mining system. The system is changed from traditional ore deposit method to short-wall working face mining, which improves the recovery rate of resources and replaces the traditional drilling-blasting method with mechanical mining, thus improving the production efficiency. Avoiding the use of explosives increases the safety of production, reduces smog pollution caused by explosives, and improves the quality of ventilation. Substituting hydraulic support for pillar support not only improves the quality of support and safety assurance, but also improves the recovery rate of resources. Substituting scraper conveyor and belt conveyor for scraper conveyor to achieve continuous transportation and improve efficiency. Finally, the use of automatic control integrated system to achieve automatic control of working face machinery, mining automation and continuity.

intergrated-mechanized- mining-system-Beijing-HOT-mining-tech-Ltd

Integrated mechanized mining system (reference)

However, it is not easy to achieve integration of the continuous mining face system of the hard rock ore body. First, the cutting-dropping of hard rock ore body is a major technical difficulty. The high hardness of the rock requires higher strength for the entire working face system, and also increases the potential hazard of mechanical failure and the economic cost of mining. Secondly, the special rock composition of the soft and hard heterogeneous floor of the melange in this project increases the difficulty and poses a great challenge. The bottom of the ore body is composed of soft clay wrapped with pebbles of different sizes and uneven distribution. It is easy to form concrete when exposed to water. It is a severe test for mining machines, scrapers and loaders.

Under such circumstances, how to achieve self-protection of the mining machine during continuous operation? How to reduce and prevent overload of the scrapers? How to reduce and prevent the chain breaking of the scrapers caused by the "concrete" formed by clay and pebbles? A series of such questions are in front of the HOT engineers. In order to solve these problems, HOT engineers conducted a number of on-site investigations, actively communicated with customers, and gained positive suggestions and work experience. After a year and a half, they finally reached a cooperatio to customize continuous mining system for the copper mine.

customized mining machine

customized mining machine for this project

The whole set of hard rock short-wall working face system includes mining machine, scraper, loader, roof support and automatic control system to realize automatic operations such as cutting-mining, loading and transferring. In order to adapt to the special environment and conditions in this project, the design of the mining machine can be said to be painstaking. Its design features include:


First, in order to adapt to the narrow space of short-wall mining face, the machine body deliberately shrinks.


Second, to cope with the problem of uneven size and unevenness of the pebbles in baseboard, the mining machine is designed with three sets of mechanical overload protection devices. When the mining machine suddenly cuts a large area of pebbles, the shear pin device for mechanical protection is sheared, causing the machine to begin to idle. Then exit the mining machine for handling. Therefore, when the pebbles or external load suddenly changes, the machine will not be damaged, ensuring the stability and safety of the equipment.


Third, all gear parts are made of high-strength alloy steel and use carburizing and quenching technology to ensure high quality and high efficiency.


Fourth, optimize the ability of the baffle to clean the material, reduce the tooth distance of the mining machine fender and the spiral drum, widen the width of the fender, and reserve the mounting port at both ends, so that the gap between the two ends becomes adjustable.


Fifth, reserve the weight mounting port at both ends of the unit, increasing the weight of the unit through the counterweight, and reducing the serious vibration of the mining machine when cutting the pebbles.


Sixth, according to customer requirements to install timers and level / inclinometer and other measuring devices.

Technology is the motive power to drive the development of the times, and on-the-spot practice is the forefront of technological innovation! HOT engineers believe that "the place of theory is gray, but the tree of practice is evergreen". with the unpretentious craftsman spirit, they face complex technical challenges, solve practical problems customers are facing and serve thousands of mining companies.

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