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June 22, after Zambia projects, HOT is also in discussions with the Greek owners on the Mali gold project.
The two sides conducted in-depth discussion and exchange of Mali's cultural and geographical environment, 
infrastructure facilities, the government's attitude and ore grade reserves.
The Greek side give fully affirmed to HOT which with rich experience in mining and selection, financing capacity,
complete sets of equipment supply capacity, post operationalmanagement and on-site service capabilities in Africa, 
the two sides reached a preliminary consensus.
After HOT build our own MES platform and dedicated to "take in, go out"plolicy .We have narrowed the distance to 
the mining world and made gratifying achievements. 
When the market downturn, HOT introducing foreign outstanding projects, 
we hold together for warmth out of the country, the world is at hand.
Stars speak, stones will blossom. We are not dreamers, we are Dream Catchers. World is so big, we shold have a look.