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Field Investigation to Indonesia, Tropical Rain Forest

Date: 2018/10/14

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After 11-hour flight to Jakarta, 12-hour drive to a small town in Kalimantan Island and 2-hour ride on speedboat, HOT pirates finally arrived at the destination near the equator. They traveled day and night to start the filed investigation of Indonesia project.

1-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

In the early September, Indonesian customers visited HOT Chengdu branch for technical communication. and then at the invitation of customers, HOT pirates went to the site of the project to conduct field investigation of coal preparation plant construction and provide technical consultation services for mining engineering.

2-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

Indonesian customers own an open-pit mine with a large number of coal seams and low coal seams. The delamination mining method they adopted now has low efficiency, long period and low internal rate of return and if multilayer mining is adopted, the quality of coal would decrease. Facing with the problem, there were two ideas assumed by Indonesian customers:One is to build a coal preparation plant to achieve the separation of coal mines, improving the grade of products to solve the problem of coal quality decline in multi-layer mining;Another one is to develop a new mining plan, improving the low efficiency of existing layered mining. Therefore,Customers found HOT, hoping to use HOT's expertise and experience to come up with a scientific solution.

3-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

Some mining areas of the project are in the undeveloped stage. In order to further understand the situation of the mining area and getting first-hand information, HOT pirates went deep into the tropical rain forest to make a way out.

4-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

The pirates settled down in a Muslim family nearby, experiencing the life of the locals.

5-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

Courtyard villas

Flowers and birds surrounded,

Water flowing surround,

A curl of fishing songs;

6-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

There are several pirates,

Sitting on the ground,

Tasting Fruits and vegetables,

While Talking about Opening mountains and excavation;

7-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining

Back when it’s sunset,

There are mountains and rivers,

Birds come fling homeward to their nests,

What a comfortable life!

8-Indonesia investigation-Beijing HOT Mining